“I had to do everything I could to hide any hints that I might have been gay” Greg McLean on the need for more LGBTQ+ education in football 

Greg McLean is a football coach at St Margarets Old Boys in Liverpool / Photo courtesy of Greg McLean

There are no openly LGBTQ+ players in men’s professional football in the United Kingdom.  Stonewall’s annual Rainbow Laces campaign is working towards changing that narrative and has run their campaign for two weeks every year since 2013.  Last year, football coach and club secretary at St Margaret's Old Boys in Liverpool, Greg

Rainbow Races instead of Rainbow Laces: How one rowing club are breaking down the barriers for LGBTQI+ participation in sport

On a dark and dreary Saturday in London there was an array of colour cutting through the Royal Albert Docks. You may be familiar with the Rainbow Laces campaign launched by Stonewall six years ago to encourage sportspeople to wear rainbow coloured laces to support LGBT equality in sport. But what about

“We hope we’re on a path to a more inclusive industry, but there are problems along the way” — Jon Holmes on the fight for LGBT+ equality in the sports media

There is an undeniable stereotype of newsrooms and sports news in particular. This has historically been an industry for which diversity was not just low on the agenda, but often nowhere to be seen. However, progress is being made and one of the groups at the forefront of the fight for