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The One Short Podcast Ep. 28 – Will the women’s cricket restructure work? | Chat with Raf Nicholson & Katya Witney


On a special episode of The One Short Podcast, we talk about ‘Project Darwin’ or the restructuring of women’s cricket in the UK. Evie and Aayush host cricket journalists Raf Nicholson and Katya Witney, who share their views on the new model, the bidding process, and the biggest pros and cons. We also chat about the impact on players, existing county team structures, where The Hundred fits into it all, and much more.

Tune in for all you need to know about this pivotal phase in women’s cricket.

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  • Aayush Majumdar

    Sports journalist from India with over five years of work in the field, Aayush has previously covered ATP events and international cricket series, among other big events. He has a keen interest in cricket, tennis and football, but contributes content across sports. Now living and learning in London, he is co-editor of the Sports Gazette.

  • Evie Ashton

    Evie is a sports journalist specialising in features covering social issues & underrepresented groups in sport with bylines in BBC Sport, Sky Sports, and The Cricketer. Looking to highlight voices of (but not limited to) female, queer, or disabled sportspersons. Get in touch if you have a story!