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The One Short Podcast – Episode 9: England’s World Cup Troubles | Interview with Nick Friend


Nick Friend, from The Cricketer, joins Toby and Aayush to discuss what has gone wrong at the Cricket World Cup for England.

We touch upon the lack of a conducive schedule before the World Cup, their new ball bowling struggles and the fact that all of England’s batters seem to be out of form at the same time, as well as looking forward to the next cycle and what England can improve.

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  • Toby Reynolds

    Toby is the cricket editor at the Sports Gazette. For the last three years, he has been a radio host and podcaster at URN. He also enjoys F1, rugby and football. Having written his dissertation on rugby union salary caps, Toby loves to explore tactical trends and use statistics to back up his arguments, as well as trying to disprove the saying that “stats are for prats”.

  • Aayush Majumdar

    Sports journalist from India with over five years of work in the field, Aayush has previously covered ATP events and international cricket series, among other big events. He has a keen interest in cricket, tennis and football, but contributes content across sports. Now living and learning in London, he is co-editor of the Sports Gazette.