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Video: Regal Basketball Returns Following Holiday Refurbishments

Posted on 17 February 2020 by Benjamin Chapal

The Black Prince Trust (BPT) is a non-profit charity that runs a community athletic center in Lambeth. The community center offers free programming around a number of different sports, including Boxing, Football, Basketball, and general fitness/wellbeing classes. 

I was particularly intrigued by the Basketball programming that the charity offers, so I spoke with Jason Henley (who manages the Basketball operations within the charity) about all things related to the Black Prince Trust and Basketball culture in London

On the importance of free sports programming for the community, Henley had this to say, 

“We offer various activities and programs that are 90% free to use, we try not to charge. Because one of the barriers to being physically active and to being socially included is the financial barrier. We are in one of the most deprived wards within London [Lambeth]. Financial barriers to being fit and well shouldn’t be an issue.”

The Regal Court is one of two basketball courts that are located at the BPT’s community center. In the video above, I chronicled the court’s transformation after undergoing refurbishments over the holidays, and investigated what it means to the Basketball community to have a free place to play.

The impact that the Black Prince Trust has had on the community hasn’t gone unnoticed. They were recently nominated for the London Sports Awards 2020 in the ‘Community Impact Award’ category.

The awards ceremony received over 300 nominations, and is designed to celebrate all of the organizations/projects across the city that promote grassroots sport and activity for the community. The ceremony will take place on the 6th of March at the Guildhall in Central London.

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