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What I learned writing for the Sports Gazette

There is no better place to learn to be a sports journalist than the Sports Gazette.

Or at least this is what I found out from my time as a Sports Journalism student writing regularly for the website.

Not only did I become a better writer, but I also did a range of feature interviews, sourced images, attended editorial meetings, subedited articles and produced video content.

To find out more about my experience writing for the Sports Gazette, have a watch of this video:

Featured Image: Tomas Meehan

Tomas Meehan
Tomas has a passion for track and field but takes an interest in doing interviews and writing articles on a wide range of sports including bobsleigh, Muay Thai boxing, boxing, horse racing, rugby, football and Ultimate Frisbee. As well as writing, he has a YouTube channel featuring interviews from high-profile track and field athletes. Prior to embarking on his Sports Journalism degree at St. Mary's University, Twickenham, he obtained an MA in Spanish from the University of Edinburgh.
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