Don’t Crack Podcast: Episode 11 – The Crackies! 🏆🎉

You are cordially invited to the most prestigious night in the world of sports podcasting! The Crackies have a long and storied history stretching back as far as May 2018! The highlight of this years addition is the ''Alternative team of the year'', which heralds players from outside the Premier League's

“I so believed that we were actually going to get to the top six”: Dean Smith reflects on a frustrating season for Brentford

TS Eliot famously wrote - in his modernist epic The Waste Land - that ‘April is the cruellest month.’ Whilst the poet is here referencing the degradation of humanity, the line in fact seems cannily relevant to domestic football: April signals what many deem ‘the business end’ of the season.  For

Don’t Crack Podcast: Episode 10 – ‘Specialist in Wenger’ edition

If you're looking for a 36-minute Arsène Wenger Eulogy guest-edited by yours truly... you've come to the right place! I was invited to join the tenth addition of the Don't Crack Podcast by hosts Adam Samuel and Aramide Oladipo. With special guest and Arsenal super-fan Joe Leavey, we take a personal

#HarryClaims: The Internet’s Story of Kane’s Goal Against Stoke

Harry Kane has caused an uproar on Twitter after he claimed a goal many thought to be Christian Eriksen’s. In Tottenham Hotspur’s match against Stoke City on 7 April, Eriksen hit a ball that eventually found its way into the back of the net. The ball came close to touching Harry

When David beats Goliath: The best comebacks from underdogs in the Champions League

  Last Tuesday there was one of those rare moments where the unexpected happened and the team considered to be worse - Roma - came back against a supposedly way better team - Barcelona, when few thought that was possible. I decided to look back at other times in which the

Is the idea the Premier League is the most competitive League a myth? CIES Football Observatory study may help to answer this

The Premier League is often considered to be the most competitive domestic League in the world. However, if we measure competitivity according to the percentage of matches with a three-goal gap and average goal difference that is far from being true. This, according to the most recent study of CIES