Ledbury Wolves: the father and son who have missed just 7 Wolverhampton Wanderers matches in the equivalent of 110 years

There are fans, there are ‘Super fans’, and then there’s the Ledbury Wolves. Father and son John and Anthony Reynolds, from the small Herefordshire market town of Ledbury, have missed just seven Wolverhampton Wanderers first team matches between them since 1974, despite living over 60 miles away from their home ground. John,

The Rapid Growth of eSports

eSports, or competitive video games, have become part of mainstream TV sports coverage over the last few years, and eSports FIFA or Street Fighter competitions are now a common feature of Sky Sports' schedules. Indeed eSports has grown so quickly that the most successful players of the most popular eSports games

Mike Brearley ‘On Cricket’ — A book worthy of its place in any cricket fan’s Christmas stocking

Mike Brearley has had a remarkable life in and out of cricket, coming into close contact with people from many varied backgrounds and all parts of the globe. His career path from academia to county cricket to England captaincy — and then onto work as a psychoanalyst — is one that is

“It’s very depressing at the moment” — Former Kenya paceman Peter Ongondo on Kenyan Cricket’s decline

Ask a cricket fan to name the semi-finalists at the 2003 World Cup and the first three teams will probably come to mind easily enough: Australia, India and Sri Lanka. The side that may be forgotten these days is the fairy tale team of that tournament: Kenya, still the only non-test