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Six Football Twitter Disasters

Posted on 22 March 2019 by Jack Cunningham

Declan Rice was this week forced to apologise for a tweet he made back in 2015. The tweets seems to suggest Rice was sympathetic towards the IRA and because he has now switched allegiance to England, he has had to apologise.

In light of this then the Sports Gazette have decided to take a look back at some footballer’s rather questionable tweets. Ranging from offensive to ridiculous these are the times footballers should have avoided twitter.

Warning some readers may find some of the following tweets offensive.

1 Andre Gray

We will kick things off with a tweet that Gray definitely regretted way back in 2012 when he expressed his opinion on Homosexuals. Gray was fined £25 000 and handed a four-match-ban back in 2016.

2 Joleon Lescott

Moving from the offensive to the stupid Aston Villa defender Joleon Lescott decided in February 2016 that the best way to react to a 6-0 defeat at home, in Villa’s disastrous season was to tweet a picture of his £121 000 Mercedes. He claimed that the tweet was sent accidentally and “happened in his pocket whilst driving.” Easily one of the most pathetic excuses ever used by a footballer.

3 Joey Barton

A man who has had a controversial career to say the least and it is fair to say that judging by this tweet he was not a fan of PSG centre back Thiago Silva. During a brief stay at Marseille the French Football Federation did not take too kindly to the tweet and he was summoned to an ethics meeting. He swiftly returned to England.

4 Steven Taylor

Back in 2013 Steven Taylor proved that he was not exactly the sharpest tool in the box when he tweeted this photo to his fellow Newcastle United teammates. Taylor realised his mistake and took down the tweet and apologised.

5 Ashley Cole

In these lists of stupid things footballers have done you are very likely to see Ashley Cole, he was no doubt a wonderful player but most of his off-the-field decisions have left a lot to be desired. Back in 2012 when Cole was giving evidence on John Terry’s racism case he tweeted this after the tribunal. He also managed to spell didn’t wrong a true wordsmith.

6 Wayne Rooney

To round this list off we will have a look at one of Rooney’s many gems, this one he manages to threaten himself. Proving that he is a genius on the pitch and also off the pitch. It takes true intellect to start a fight on yourself via social media.