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Cross-country supersprint with the fastest skier in the world

Posted on 10 April 2018 by Ingrid Sund

Ludvig Søgnen Jensen, 28, from Norway holds the world record in 100m ski sprint at 11.03 seconds.

Jensen explained the sport has developed a lot since he got into it in 2013: “Back then, there were only a couple of 100m ski-sprint events across the whole season and they were very ‘show’-oriented.
“It is a lot more professional now. Bigger sponsors are involved and more athletes are competing. Each season, new events are introduced.”

He is hopeful that supersprints will grow in popularity over the coming years. He not only wishes to win competitions but to help develop the sport. There is an ongoing debate within the cross-country community as to how world cup events should be organised.

At the moment, a normal world cup sprint is usually about 1,8 km and the skiers have to complete the trail up to four times within a short period of time if they make it to the finals.

He thinks there is room for supersprints because they are audience-friendly and different from the traditional sprints. 

He said: “Whether FIS will want to go forth with a new 100m discipline or a new association will be formed remains to be seen.”

Smaller cross-country nations like Italy and France are really enjoying the supersprint concept. It is no coincidence that is where Jensen’s biggest non-Norwegian competition are from.

Sports Gazette followed him on his quest for another victory in the first event he organised himself, the Barums Verk Supersprint in Norway.
Have a listen to hear what happened!

Featured image: Ludvig Søgnen Jensen