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“You’ll Never Keep Me Quiet!” The Arsenal superfan challenging gender stereotypes in football for 70 years

Posted on 6 March 2020 by Emily Salley


Maria Petri isn’t your average football fan. 

The 80 year-old super-fan has travelled the world following Arsenal Football Club and you can find her in the stands at most of the club’s matches.

Whether it’s home or away, the men’s or women’s team, Maria supports the Gunners come rain or shine.

Rarely missing a game, she has become a famous figure within the club and is well known for her chanting during games.

But Maria hasn’t always been welcomed with warmth in the stands with male supporters questioning why a woman was watching a football match.

Watch the video above to hear what she has to say about her love of Arsenal and how football has become a more welcoming place for women.

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