GOATs endangered after Messi and Ronaldo exit World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi were knocked out of the World Cup today, much to the dismay of some, but to the glee of many.  Fans and critics turned to Twitter after the game either to vent their frustrations or ridicule the rivals, and within seconds, both players were trending.   The Messi

The Asian Football List 2018: why representation matters

The Asian Football List recognises individuals across five different categories for their contribution in the football industry. Sports Gazette spoke to three of the winners about their experiences as a minority and why representation matters.  When Sonia Randev decided to organise the event, she only had one mission in mind:

Don’t Crack Podcast: Episode 10 – ‘Specialist in Wenger’ edition

If you're looking for a 36-minute Arsène Wenger Eulogy guest-edited by yours truly... you've come to the right place! I was invited to join the tenth addition of the Don't Crack Podcast by hosts Adam Samuel and Aramide Oladipo. With special guest and Arsenal super-fan Joe Leavey, we take a personal

British boxer fights to normalise Muslim women in sport with ladies-only class

“The least I can do is teach them how to throw a punch” - Sports Gazette visited Stonebridge Boxing Club in Harlesden to meet Awo Abukor, an amateur boxer who started a ladies-only boxing class to encourage more Muslim women to participate in sport. A Muslim woman in sport is usually

St Mary’s University cheerleaders ready to Bring It On Again

The St. Mary’s Scorpions were crowned National University Champions after their impressive performance in last year’s ICC [International Cheer Coalition] competition. Sports Gazette joined the cheerleaders ahead of next month’s Nationals to discuss stereotypes, routines and plans to retain the title. Pom-poms, tiny outfits and catchy chants – the stereotypes

“I used to do kick-ups for fun but now it’s my identity”: Meet the new FIFA 18 Freestyler

Jamie MacDonald is the face of the new FIFA 18 kit, found in 6000 GameStop stores worldwide. He can do 11,000 kick ups in 90 minutes and his viral skills videos have millions of views on social media. In this interview with Sports Gazette, he opens up about how freestyling

Lebanon Cedars on the rise to Rugby League triumph

The Cedars created history after their impressive win over France at the Rugby League World Cup. Sports Gazette caught up with two of their players before they face England to discuss hyphenated lives, dual identities and the future of Lebanese rugby. To the Lebanese people, the cedar tree found in the

Five reasons why the Europa League is (actually) good for Arsenal

When Arsenal fell short of the annual top four race, rival fans derided and Gooners despaired at the prospect of no Champions League football for the first time since the fin de siècle. But I’m here to tell you that it might actually turn out to be a blessing in