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GOATs endangered after Messi and Ronaldo exit World Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi were knocked out of the World Cup today, much to the dismay of some, but to the glee of many.  Fans and critics turned to Twitter after the game either to vent their frustrations or ridicule the rivals, and within seconds, both players were trending.  

The Messi vs. Ronaldo debate has been in full flow since the beginning of the tournament, as the merits of both players have been argued to point of exhaustion. Neither player has scored in a knock-stage game yet despite having over 20 shots each, Ronaldo going six games (514 minutes) without a goal compared to Messi’s eight games (756 minutes). 

The irony of both players crashing out on the same day was not lost on Football Twitter, and hilarity ensued…


Some took a more dejected route, photoshopping Messi in a picture of Ronaldo helping Cavani:

But others stuck to the airport rendezvous theme:

Jokes aside, it will be interesting to see which kid grows into the next GOAT. This user already had one mind…

Feature image credit: @Yasmin_Gooner (Twitter)/@chillyravenart (Instagram)

Iman Alaouie
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