She is only 9 and overcomes prejudice to shine against boys in football: “People tell them to break me in half, but I don’t care”

I’ve never been called “uncle” before… Actually, I’ve always wanted to have a little sister, and I clearly remember constantly expressing this desire to my parents, who always laughed about it and delivered the same old argument: ‘well, as a singleton you’ll have all the inheritance for yourself’. A very good point… The first time

Ex Arsenal ace André Santos reveals strife with “father figure” Wenger and blames serious injury for swift time at Emirates Whenever a high-profile managerial vacancy arises, the name Arsene Wenger is immediately thrust back into the spotlight. In the last three months alone, the Frenchman has been linked with the PSG, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. Wenger spent over two decades in north London, guiding Arsenal to a trio of Premier