From the early female football pioneers to the female face of e-sports — Chapter 4 Part 1

This is fourth in a multi-part series on women in sport. Chapter 1 explored the early days of the Olympic movement, Chapter 2 grapples with the struggles of sexual identity and Chapter 3 looks at the influence of the media on gender views. Chapter 4: Sexualisation of Women's Sport (part 1 of 2) Imagine making

“We’re just not there yet” — Sky Sports News presenter Emma Paton talks diversity, ambitions and meeting her sporting hero

A busy cafe was the perfect place to speak to Sky Sports News presenter Emma Paton to discuss her views on women in sport, her journey to becoming a presenter and the time she met her sporting idol, Alison Felix. Sitting at the table with coffees in hand, we discussed

‘The Man Inside the Machine:’ Marathon runner Steve Edwards on his record-breaking achievements and the quest for 1000 marathons

He’s broken four world records. He’s completed 843 official marathons. He is 'The Man Inside the Machine,' according to the title of his recently published autobiography.  Coventry-born Steve Edwards works in the I.T. sector by day, but by night he morphs into 'The Godfather of Marathon Running,', and his next mission