A Christmas XI of current Premier League players

Grab yourself a plate of Tur-Ki Sung-yeung, a side of Marko Ar-sprout-ovic and drizzle some Gravy Propper over it and tuck in to this Christmas XI of current Premier League players. Co-managed by Sean Mince Pyche and Eddie Snowe (ha...), this band of merry men might not survive the rigours of English

Christmas on the wrong (right) side of the world

Ah Christmas! A time of endless joy. A period of too much food, too much booze and too much time with that uncle who won't stop telling you that 9/11 was an inside job. It truly is a magical time of the year with a cacophony of unique sensory delights; the

Sports Gazette Quizmas

Streets and homes alike around the globe have inexplicably stocked up with floods of fluorescent lights and trees, leaving much of the public scratching their heads wondering how December has suddenly arrived. While many of us are indeed bemused, there is one certainty; some Christmas cheer is in order. And what better