Sports W***er of the Year 2019

The BBC has released the shortlist for the 2019 Sports Personality of the Year. Their nominations include athletes Dina Asher-Smith and Katarina Johnson-Thompson, footballer Raheem Sterling, cricketer Ben Stokes, rugby union’s Alun Wyn Jones and Formula One’s Lewis Hamilton. But what about those who have disgraced their sport, the cheats and

‘Black Friday’ headline on Romelu Lukaku and Chris Smalling. Why the editor of Corriere dello Sport should be fired

Corriere dello Sport front page.

As an Italian sports journalist currently based in London, I noticed last week that most of the coverage of Corriere dello Sport’s controversial ‘Black Friday’ headline revealed that people in England actually know very little about its editor, Ivan Zazzaroni. The Italian daily newspaper ran the headline with photos of Inter

Paul Canoville on Racism in Football, Then and Now

“I agree with it. It’s not about the players wanting to be militant, it’s that they aren’t being protected by the authorities,” Paul Canoville is of the firm belief that players who are racially abused not only have the right to walk off, but should. Racist incidents have been reported recently